Astrology is the mathematical art and science of cycles of life. Our life cycles begin at the first breath and continue until the last. There is not another person on the planet that has your exact birth chart: “fingerprint in time”. Your chart symbolizes your individual path to your greatest potential and purpose for being alive on Earth.

The Journey of Self Discovery
The birth chart reveals our unique inner makeup, it shows our specialized nature relative to the eternity we call time (Saturn). It is a unique energetic matrix of Being.

A journey from darkness to Light (just like the Dragonfly).

Planets: represent significant people we meet along the path of life. The planets are our “Lights,” each related to various departments of life and personality traits. They express through the filters of the twelve astrological signs, and through their expression we come to know how best to respond to events given the strengths and weaknesses we are aware of (SWOT Analysis). Planets represent facets of who we ARE.

Life is entirely conditioned by who we are, what we’ve learned, and how we are able to deal with the constantly changing conditions in life.

Birthchart: blueprint of our individual Matrix of Existence

During your lifetime there are key phases that, ready or not, create transformation. The first is the Saturn return at age 29-30, another Saturn return awaits you in your late 50s (mine starts this year). Saturn is a Spiritual Master and Friend. To attain worldly and spiritual mastery as a function of time and maturity; you want to get to know YOUR Saturn. Astrology is under the umbrella of Metaphysics. Metaphysics is everything that is not tangible (emotions, feelings, thinking, beliefs, psychiatry, astrology, and so much more).

I have been a student of astrology for more than a decade. I’ve studied Esoteric Astrology, Evolutionary Astrology, Shamanic Astrology, and others. Have a computer science background and decades in the business world I had to prove to myself this subject was valid so I reverse engineered my chart, I analyzed charts of people I knew well, and came to the conclusion that it is a worthwhile investment (aka, learning opportunity).

The only people who dismiss Astrology as, Woo Woo, are ones that are ignorant. Astrology is an ancient practice and one that because of propaganda slowed our evolution down. If you truly want to “Know Thyself” your astrology chart is a critical piece of the puzzle.

It answers the Who? What? Why? Where? When? questions that all seekers mine for.

In order to study anything that is Metaphysical you must have an open-mind. A close-mind will never be open to the magic of the Universe. We have been conditioned to think we live in a mechanistic universe, we live in a quantum universe.