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  • Blue Heron

    Blue Heron

    Daily Angel Oracle Card: Blue Heron, from the Medicine Cards, by Jamie Sams and David Carson, Illustrated by Angela Werneke Blue Heron:  “Self-Reflection” “Blue Heron… Thank you, Sacred Waterbird,For sending reflections to me;The mirrors of the quest for life,The worlds that live inside of me. Show me how relationships work,With my path woven within the […]

  • Jaguar Spiritual Message

    Symbol of Solitary Path, Reclaiming Power, Shape Shifting Psychic Vision The Jaguar’s medicine includes seeing the roads within chaos and understanding the patterns of chaos moving without fear in the darkness moving in unknown places shape shifting psychic vision facilitating soul work empowering oneself reclaiming power. The Black Jaguar’s medicine includes the same as jaguar […]

  • Dolphin Spiritual Message

    Dolphin is the Symbol of Breath Of Life, Love, Balance, and Community Dolphin teaches us that when we live in tune with the patterns and rhythm of nature, we learn how to truly be in touch with, resonate and communicate with All That IS and how to share this sagacity with anyone interested. There are […]