Changing Karma


all right so welcome my name is Tom Jacobs I’m an evolutionary astrologer, also an energy worker in a channel and this presentation is called changing karma now what I learned from different religious teachings and also from people talking about karma and astrology is essentially that you can’t really change it and I’ve just had a lot of experiences I’m gonna not gonna summarize experiences but I’m gonna summarize what I’ve learned through a bunch of experiences where it turns out you can actually change karma so part of my inspiration for doing this is to inspire you to come out of old ways of thinking about what karma is and you know drink this in if it makes sense to you chew on it if some of it doesn’t make sense be in touch later with questions I’m moving we’re gonna do a Q&A at the end as well we’ll have time but this is mate might be new for some of you I think for a lot of you it will intuitively in your gut it will make sense because we’ll see what’s going on here but but um yeah I didn’t learn this from people right this is something I did channel quite a lot Oh from the ascended master I work with basically when I was complaining about things in my life that I thought were karmic and he was like well you should change it and I was like what are you talking


about so this whole learning started so I’m great so let’s get started so the


plan today number one I’m gonna just do an overview just to spell some things out of what we’ve been taught about


karma and why what we’ve been taught doesn’t work number two my unique take on it and then number three we’re going to talk about the astrology of this four kinds of karma and how to change it you know kind of a four-step process a four-step story of telling a karmic story in a chart puto south know South McGrew or North node I’ll get into my overview of how I treat all four of those things last month you heard the puto in the houses I did the Pluto intro you know an


intro on Pluto so you might have an idea of that we’ll get into the other things here too okay great let’s start with


what we’ve been taught you can’t change karma or you can change


some of it but not the hard stuff in the


Vedic tradition in Jo tation Indian astrology often called Vedic Astrology


you’ll find it broken down from the ancient teachings from that from the the system that there are four kinds of


karma the first three you can alter through remediation through mantras


through whatever these different things gemstones the different remedies but that that that system recommends but the


fourth one can’t change it and that never really sat right with me when I


started studying evolutionary stuff in the early 2000s I also was reading about that system too and I was because I wasn’t sure where I might land but so we’re taught you can’t really change it you can’t escape it either it’s inevitable this phrase what goes around comes around I heard that I don’t know seven billion times in my childhood my mom used to say that all the time and then we really think of it as a system of reward and Punishment so we’re gonna break this down if you’re good we seem to believe you’ll receive good if you’re


bad you’ll receive bad if you’re receiving bad right now you must be bad or you must have been


bad in the past same thing with if you’re receiving good stuff now you must be good or have been


good in the past I put this in here in this really pretty antiquated ick ulis


this idea is okay good well anyway so I know it’s it’s it’s just so simplistic


when you spell it out like this oh well if bad things are happening well then you must be bad okay now these are the


system of reward and Punishment these are from religious teachings that attempt to explain pain suffering grief


all the difficult parts of life violence tragedy natural disasters all kinds of


things when the crops when the crop fails a certain year or when the drought comes you know all these things we we believe there’s


these rewards and punishments well obviously bad treatment follows bad


behavior right this is how humans treat each other so why wouldn’t God treat us that way so these are modeled after


human conceptions of justice you have to pay for wrongdoing you you drive your


car into your neighbor’s yard it damages a tree in the side of the house you have to pay for it you know there’s this


whole legal structure in in societies all over the world for this kind of retribution or justice or something like


that so our human conception of justice includes that there’s a very clear you


know line where you’ve done something wrong according to the social contract


or the laws on the books but argh why do


good things keep happening to bad people you think about reward and


Punishment why do bad why did good things keep happening to bad people I usually joke about this because I go


straight into well why do you think bad things happen to you because you’re a good person that’s where this reward and


Punishment model of karma gets messed up and where it doesn’t work is well okay


now I’ll tell you how the soul sees it then we’ll get into that from what I can tell in my model of soul when I


introduced this a little in last month’s teaching on poodle in the houses because I had to talk about what soul is so from


what I can tell a soul is a part of source a portion of source or divine consciousness or god and goddess consciousness. So a soul lives human lives to learn what it means to do so since being all that is or goddess energy as a whole teaches it


nothing because it knows everything and it’s curious it wants to know what it is like so each soul outside time watches


its human lives as works in progress learning as they go and there’s no


reward ins no punishment okay so there’s

define authority outside the soul itself, which is source and you are hard-lined


consciousness wise up to soul so each soul is its final authority its

own final authority. You are your own final authority. So what souls do together and for each other, or to each other as humans is provide each other experiences to learn remember all that is as a big blob

cannot learn about itself because it knows everything it’s omnipotent so we

break off in these little portions and incarnate as humans seemingly separate from source and we’re bouncing off each


other and I’m lying to you when you’re stealing my sandwich and I’m you know whatever we’re like we’re like having these experiences and at some point we start believing, oh well, if this painful things happening to me then I must be bad okay7:37

okay now the soul intends that the humans learn the ups and downs and the


ins and outs of all possible human experiences. That’s why we’re here so


pain and suffering are part of the process, they are entirely natural.


Pain is not punishment, this is what we have to learn, we need to evolve beyond this assumption most of us are living at our beliefs about pain


suffering misery why they happen tragedy trying to figure out why we’re being punished or conversely why we’re not


being rewarded for being good people or we’re trying to have faith in a deity


that has a plan for suffering like there’s a point but often we still can’t help but take it personally there are


times in our lives when things pile up, you know it could be three miseries in a row or two sufferings + two miseries then three pains you know you can have a go to laundry list I would a grocery list of difficult things that are


happening you can pile up it looks after a while like something’s happening to


you and that’s normal for the way our minds work to assume that at some point


how many people do you know expect to be punished or think that they deserve to feel shame or have to be ashamed. This is this is a global problem people okay I know a lot of them but I also know I


tracked clients and students who are looking to you know raise the level of dialogue for themselves but but I see it everywhere. I see this all the time I talk about this all the time for a moment in classes where I’m in the


grocery store and I’m waiting and like like there’s always somebody where I’m gonna go and I’m waiting I’m like 20, 10 feet away and I’m literally minding my own business I pull my energy in somebody somehow senses me turns around sees me jumps and scuttered and Scudders off and apologize it’s like energetically or literally and I want to9:38

say to them as they’re running away stop apologizing for your existence like there’s nothing wrong with you but


anyway people you know these pilings up of different experiences and many lifetimes that are painful or grief


related or whatever or things we might judge ourselves for for behaving badly


whether to ourselves or others these things add up over time and can have some people expecting that they should


be ashamed or something or should should apologize for themselves okay now my


definition of karma is that

it is belief, or Karma’s are beliefs one way or the other wrapped around emotion this is


real this is central to everything I do something happens that hurts you or is


fantastic and makes you happy and you make a decision about what it means why


it happened why it happened to you why it happened, when it happened. In other


words you develop beliefs about what something means now if it’s part of your


souls intended journey for your human learning and many lifetimes it will happen again and again like like I was


thinking about this my girlfriend now we’re talking about this past relationship of mine where I happen to


find this photo and a very few photos of this this this woman and myself together and but she’s a part of my life and I and I showed the picture to my girlfriend and she said oh yeah yeah she’s a part of


your life and I was like yeah it’s hard because at the end of the relationship she said I can’t ever talk to you again and that was so painful I have Pluto in Libra that’s just one of the things like deep pain puto


can be in rejection or the ends of relationships or losing people kind of Libra processes and I realize yeah yeah


there’s like that is going to keep happening in some way for me or around me but it’s my belief about what it


means that is the Karma that is the problem okay similarly


similarly if you have put o in Virgo you might be trying to help someone who won’t receive it it’s in your bones the


motivation to be helpful but somebody just doesn’t care and doesn’t want it well what do you think it means about


life you the world that person whatever how well you’re doing the thing you know


it’s all about your beliefs about it now over time you develop stronger beliefs


about why like I said it will repeat like I will have relationship issues


Pluto and Libra I’m learning to create fairness and harmony together sometimes it doesn’t work the more that patterns


occur or instances of patterns happen my beliefs will get reinforced the more


entrenched it is the deeper the Karma you can think you know if something happens and you’re like yeah you know


stuff happens and you don’t get attached to it or stuck in it it just happens and


it moves on if you start believing something about it you vibrate more it’ll happen more I’ll get into that in


a second and then you believe more strongly because it keeps coming you’re like I was right the whole time okay so


you hold a belief about why something happens and most of them are unconscious


beliefs like all thoughts intentions emotions and attitudes they vibrate signals to the outer world now you might


have an unconscious belief that says being betrayed hurts it’s a memory for many lifetimes remember


emotion wrapped around with belief there are wrapped around together being betrayed hurts I don’t like myself when


I hurt others I keep hurting others why am i doing that, no one’s there for me


no one listens to me, my needs don’t matter whatever it is or I’m not loved I’m not lovable


I’m not supported I’m not worth encouragement or celebration. Now situations and other people manifest in front of you to show you that belief now


you see it as happening to you if you have a thing about people won’t listen to you people will show up to not listen


to you and then you’ll say again people aren’t listening to me look at what’s happening to me and it will hurt the belief is tied with emotion so in what you’re vibrating walks up to you but the


belief is wrapped around emotion so you are taken over by that emotion and remember it’s from most of them are from the unconscious things you may not be aware of which is why evolutionary strategy is such an incredibly powerful

tool so we can put words – oh yeah your putos in the second house bla bla bla oh you’re put is only in the second


house where Sun and Scorpio in the twelfth oh here’s a setup that you will manifest here’s what you believe about


it and here’s how you can change your mind which will get you later but the belief is wrapped around emotion and


this shift happens where the emotion gets triggered and suddenly you’re


repeating the belief oh yeah people who wear blue shirts are all liars or I


can’t trust anybody you know and suddenly you’re not yourself you’re your so to speak temporarily taken over by


that emotion and maybe the other life persona the past like persona who carries it who had experiences with


people in blue shirts who were liars or whatever then you make crummy decisions


from an off-kilter emotional place or from within the pain that is now taken


over and then you feel crummy about yourself because you make creme


decisions uh and your brain tells you you know insert that disempowering thing


again here oh it was always true no one ever listens or everyone lies or whatever it is you can’t trust men you can’t trust women like you know depending on your talking to right we hear these things okay now then you go


back to your life and you can’t figure out why you kept and keep messing up because now you’re yourself again the frustration the anger the self judgment the sad sadness seems to have abated somewhat and now you’re like why did I make those crummy decisions and who you know you don’t realize you were taken


over so since you’ve been told that bad


experiences are punishments for bad choices and behaviors you assume you deserve it


now I’m talking to smart people here or who are adults but think about any time you know people here in this EA community we’re in here together think about when you talk to people whether


other other kinds of astrologers or just people in the world or civilians when


you say oh yeah I do bla bla bla sometimes I say karmic astrology instead of evolutionary


astrology because I want them to understand it’s a multi life thing, or reincarnation, all approach and people assume things about Karma they assume that they deserve the bad things that have happened to them so this is a prevalent thing okay now present conceptions of karma that we’re working with from these religious perspectives lead you to shaming, hating, resenting, but let alone yourself and keeping yourself from self validation, self-care self, trust self respect okay all right so

Changing Karma

  • You have to change your relationship to emotion.
    • In general the existence of them and the fact that we feel what we feel and that everything we feel is actually part of the human experience
    • but then your particular triggers, one by one, and again that’s
  • The existence of emotions in general first.
  • Then, your particular triggers one by one.

This is work! But you CAN change your conception of what things mean.

where Evolutionary Astrology is so incredibly powerful, it’s work but you can your conception of what things mean and I want to give you at least one brief example for my experience when I would learn it was learning this when they sent a master basically kind of connected to him and my head and I’m thinking about things sometimes I’m having a dialogue with him and this was going on at this time and I was looking at how many accidents I have had in my life with vehicles, with cooking in the kitchen, all kinds of things, and crossing the street and people seeming to not see me and almost hitting me, I used to live in LA and have to park several blocks from my house and it happened, I don’t know I always exaggerated, say it happened two or three times a month which is a lot in four years, maybe it was a little more often, but part of me wants to say it happens every other day. I was talking about this once I lived in Tucson and was was really kind of learning more about Karma and how to work with this stuff and he said, “well you believe you’re not safe.” Really? He said “yea”. These are hat these things are happening only because you feel unsafe in your body you believe you’re not safe and he was pointing out to me my Mars you’re honest and the first house square the nodes which, just as a shorthand, trying to figure out what to do with change, physicality, violence, sexuality, but sometimes sudden things can happen you know, I might have might have a volcano of anger on Tuesday and then be fine on Wednesday. There’s a lot of energy movement and if I don’t use the energy it might come at me so accident-prone was part of the story and he said “decide everyday that you’re safe and everything’s fine” and it stopped when I did so that external thing that defined much of my life. I thought the universe hated me, I thought God hated me, I’m almost embarrassed to admit that but


that’s what kept happening in my head because it kept happening over and over again of all kinds so you have to change your relationship to the emotion and change the belief. You have to do both.

okay now let me just say


one more thing everything I’ve gotten into here and what will we’ll continue with the presentation is


a huge topic in every single person’s unique profile is her own right it’s


every profile is unique now we we know people would put it on the first have certain things in common people put on


Leo have certain things in common you know South node in the sixth square Saturn of the night they have something


in common but to really give just deeply


into it and like I said it is work you have to go through the emotional triggers and process and change them I


do specialize in this if you’re interested you know I do code ongoing coaching work which includes energy work


and also you know that the channel and the astrology together because you have to go deeply into it to really change


these things because they’re locked in our fields most of them as traumas or as chronic stresses or something but you


know I just want to point out I’m doing this quick our overview for you but it’s for every individual it is a huge topic


ok now

Karma in the Birth Chart

4 Major Categories

  • Pluto
    • Related to most intense and difficult parts of life: phobias, fears, regrets, guild, shame, feeling weak, feeling strong, or feeling so strong you’ve hurt others or yourself, Pluto stuff.
  • South Node (SN)
    • Related to family conditioning and conditioned worldview over many lifetimes. How you’ve trained in many lifetimes to see the world..
  • SN Ruler by Sign
    • Related to how you see yourself as an individual in many lifetimes.
  • North Node (NN)
    • Related to SN, a set of Karma’s and this is what you believe is unavailable to you because it’s far away from the SN conditioning or what you believe you should not pursue, or embrace with yourself.


I’m gonna talk about what it looks


like and also talk about how to change it because each of these is a different category, each operates on a different level within our energy fields or psyche or consciousness. Then I’m going to talk about how to change each of them and then we’re gonna have time for examples and questions.

I don’t want to get too specific with the examples but we’re gonna do like categorical things like Karma pluto in the seven


four versus proto and the sixth what beliefs come with that and how to contrast it stuff like that alright so

Pluto Karma

Pluto Karma includes includes what we feel we can’t do, how and why we may fail or are sure to fail, that we don’t have control over our lives, these are all beliefs about these things, beliefs that we suck or that we should hate ourselves, believe that our deepest pain means we’re broken or something is wrong with us or our anger can subsidy substitute anger and a bunch


of other Plutonian key words for pain here or belief that we can’t ever or


never get to have or always deserve or never deserve when you find yourself


asking what’s going on and you find a voice that says something like I never


get to have that or I always deserve when you find that that is indicative of


the depth of the Pluto business. So just be aware those kinds of absolutes indicate Pluto stuff.

Change in Pluto karma involves deep intentional emotional work on the shadow


parts of the self on difficult emotions and motivations this is a key point I


covered in last month’s thing but I’m gonna the Pluto house was thing to accept that any one of your emotions is actually part of the human experience and that all of them are is incredibly important for Plutonian empowerment so you don’t fear your anger or your sadness at cetera it’s just part of the story but also motivations you could do anything and part of the story with Plutonian empowerment in my view, this idea of a repeat from last time absolute unflinching unashamed self-knowledge which means the shadow work followed by absolute unflinching unashamed self acceptance well there your motivations


come into play too we have to accept that we could do anything and sometimes you are so hurt that you want to lash out the stinger on the scorpion right goes with this archetype okay so so deep intentional emotional work working through these things or or anything that makes you feel disempowered, weak, not strong powerless, every time I use the word weak in these teachings I cringe a little because I don’t like using that word I don’t like thinking of someone as weak or whatever but but we do sometimes


have parts of us who fear being weak you know in a world where the fittest


survive or the strongest survive or whatever so I always a kind of a pause when I put that word in there but but I


think for parts of us who have such fears I think it’s important to include it so changing pootle karma rests on


choosing to become or be strong in the face of what hurts the most what brings


up the most shame guilt anger grief resentment depressive miss hopelessness blah blah blah or etc so that’s the kind


of again I’m just giving you the overview but we do really deep work and I talked last month about the pluto intensive late-october in Sedona and


that that’s what this is for for six people okay so anyway that again later


but this is how we change Plutonian karma now south node karma is different


it includes beliefs what you were taught in many lifetimes that the world is like or should be like how the world works


how people should be in the world what’s really important like what really


matters in the world and what kind of person belongs in this family because the south note indicates


a worldview but it is you know model for you and you receive it through your


family when you were born, and/or raised by a certain group of people. What kind of person belongs here or what kind of person deserves support love and encouragement changing South node karma is in learning to see what is healthy and worth carrying forward from what the font-family modeled for you the owning that they showed you a way of being human that your soul in fact asked them to do.

making peace with the family as that family as the right one for you and owning what you do well beyond their opinions, as in individuation. You know that’s part of its changing South node


karma part of it is also I mean a huge part of it is also embracing the North node opportunities or challenges but a


lot of the South node stuff it’s like it’s like a seesaw with one person sitting on one end in your chart like


energetically in your psyche in your life that’s what the South node is you are sitting there. So you are 100% on the ground and the other end is 100% off the ground because the emotional energetic weight of the South node is so strong the North node is almost not even a real thing in our consciousness except for the crummy beliefs that we’ll talk about a couple minutes keep it for changing South non-family karma I mean it’s rose over the whole chart but I do this thing called a family in the conspiracy of love it’s another four-day healing intensive there’ll be another one in


2019 you can keep an eye out for that on my mailing list or Facebook page or whatever well we talked about the


contracts between between souls and family.

South Node Ruler Karma

Southland ruler is how I believe I should be treated what I expect for


myself but what you know what opportunities what I think I should do with my life who I think I am Southland


ruler for me by sign is this deep layer of identity be much deeper than Sun Moon rising as


the personality in this life so how others see me or should see me what’s


available to me in life what are my options okay


changing Southland role of karma means getting over yourself okay that’s kind


of a joke

  • gaining some objectivity on yourself because remember this is an identity and you’re wearing the costume and reciting all the lines oh yes Tom Jacobs I’m a teacher I’m a writer bah-bah-bah


you know Southland rulers in the third house you know in in Sagittarius oh I’m


a philosopher or whatever I’m just living that story like it’s my job so


gaining some objectivity on the self is important in exploring new options and choices and what I’m talking about what


that is you know every planet every archetype every house and sign has many


different possibilities they’re only twelve houses many parts of life fit in each one so if you don’t like this one


or you think you’re stuck in this one we’ll explore another version of that expression so exploring new options and


choices getting out of that attachment to this identity is part of change in the south and ruler karma now this


involves catching your expectations of how others should treat you and engaging in the moment to find out what they do


have to offer and what they might invite you to do now earnestly working to


receive reflection from others about who you are and what you bring to the table what I’m saying is some people will see


you as the southland ruler version or expression you were in some other lifetime some will see who you could be


in this one so some people for me might say oh you’re a teacher but others might


say some other third house expression they might say oh why don’t you write books and you might enjoy writing books


they’re seeing my Southland ruler in the third house you know they’re seeing that that energy so they might offer me


options that’s actually a great example because I kind of felt I was a teacher but I was afraid to write a lot of


self-criticism fear that the work be good and then I’d be embarrassed whatever and so that’s actually a great


example because one time a teacher who had written books said to me when you public when you’re holding a copy of


your first book you’ll never be the same and at the time I was like hungry to write a book but self-conscious of what


it was true it was true so okay so don’t


get seduced into your by your assumption about who you are and how should people should treat you that’s part of the key


North Node Karma

  • includes what I believe I should never do because those people


do it

we all had biases about our North node placement, prejudices, preformed judgments and it because it’s the opposite of the South node which is what we’ve been shown in many lifetimes the


world is and should be like it’s those people I do this in a humorous way with


my students and clients all the time but there’s we’ll play with someone in the examples when we talk about nodes


changing north on karma

  • Remembering that our SNs are heavily weighted in our consciousness, remember the seesaw idea, you’re sitting on one end.
  • Intentionally branching out and unlearning the old conditioning that it’s bad or not worth doing like like if you have a South in an example time human south of Daenerys you’re conditioned to move quickly to respond to certain things without thinking maybe to be on the go beyond the edge you received because who knows when a crisis going is going to occur you have to catch that coffee cup before it hits the ground like you’re on you’re on you’re ready right you’re primed to go well northern and Libra you haven’t in many lifetimes learned to slow down and work with people like you’re the you’re the solo EMT or paramedic or whatever and


being part of a team certain way or having a partner to work with where you share responsibilities that is something


you may not have been exposed to many lifetimes so you might think that people who can’t make their own decisions oh that’s ridiculous of course I could make my own decision I instinctively know what I should do my gut says yep go do


this don’t do that so the North node tread about Libra North node is when it’s in


Libra is Oh everything’s so slow and you’ve got to wait for other people and what I have to slow down and and that’s ridiculous I’m good at what I do so anyway all the way around the wheel and all the houses and signs we have that prejudice with our North node well


we’ll do more of that okay and this is and also choosing new interpretations of


the astrological symbols I just included three signs here with one stereotypical idea Leo isn’t about being obnoxious but


if you have a south and an Aquarius part of you might think it must be Capricorn


isn’t about being boring but if you have a south and in cancer part of you may think it is Taurus isn’t about being


stubborn but from a Scorpio South node you you might wonder if it is you ain’t had that preconception think about the


silly stereotypes of every house and sign or every archetype and we can have those prejudices or biases against it


yeah okay so for more I’m just gonna give you a little quick list of


resources a Souls journey book trilogy I do EA classes and tutoring the soul


strain is sound like database I don’t think I talked about last time but it’s almost 500 20 minute client readings


where I do I do soul journey sound bites where I give you an overview of your entire journey in 20 minutes


part of you might think this is impossible it is possible when you’re southland rulers in the third house conjunct mercury in Sagittarius but


anyway condensing all of the major themes in this four step story but anyway I have taken almost 500 of them


and made them a searchable online database so my students and others can learn so anyway that is something to


check out on my site I do monthly subscription service where I where I lay out the astrology of the month and and


include talking about Karma and beliefs and all of that and then I also have a new website called healing suicide calm


which is nothing to do with astrology but it’s about soul when it’s multi life journey that can help you understand the


soul’s perspective on human life how to understand and heal the most intense emotions which could fit with a lot of


these categories that I’m talking about and then of course the Pluto intensive I’ve two spots left open for wait


october be in touch join me in Sedona if you want to I love


this graphic because it’s about go it looks like it’s going down into something it’s actually a stairwell or


the the column in the middle of the building but I love that because we’re gonna descend into Plutonian territory


and unearth and heal some things okay so that is that’s the presentation I want


to make sure that I hope I plan plenty of time yeah about 20 minutes for


examples just random examples and also QA let’s pause for a new I’ll pause the


examples for a sec and check in with you and see if you have general questions about what I threw at you in this


presentation and then we’ll talk about some examples I don’t know if in the



SN Rules are retrograde: you are probably burned out from doing it or you’ve done it for reasons that don’t serve you, or were other people’s ideas


so let’s say let’s say give me an


example can you give me just House ensign example um I have a scorpio south


note and my pluto is that’s a great in the first half


okay so retrograde in the first house so you’re you show up how many lives is the first house kind of person you know


creating a dependence going your own way blah blah blah in Virgo right it’s


because it’s with your on it’s its influence with Virgo so you’re showing up to be responsible and figure out what


Duty means and you’re gonna carry stuff on your shoulders to some degree you’re gonna see that the solution is with my willfulness and my power but it’s retrograde so that it means that you 38:20might have overdone it in certain lifetimes and you might have been born with a certain level of reticence or


resistance to it like somebody says here’s how to be of service put it on virgo in the first house well


there’s all this no bill noble options for you right but


burned out so when I see the South ruler retrograde I expect the person may be


hesitant or like I said reticent to do it or might feel that they’re making a


mistake or they’re hesitant to commit to something in that realm does that make sense


you yeah yeah okay that’s a so person might


be might take a number of years or a couple of decades, a few decades to figure out what’s worth doing what why bother in that case first I’ll forego I bother being of service yeah


vodka but with something very very cool and


others and they’re not primed yet they’re not


ready for it or it’s too different and so then you might say in some lifetime oh my god these people don’t even know


what’s good for them I’m spending decades working this thing out and trying to help them and they’re just


sitting there like you know criming bonbons in their mouth I’m like complaining about how things are wrong I’m trying to help them change it


because that uranium edge with Pluto is forward-looking so that’s my idea yeah


yeah I have a question yeah okay so let’s say and you have like a


conditioning pattern and like the same thing keeps happening but maybe it was a different call the wrapping paper on right I just like the same story okay then you get really hurt and then it’s


like and if you’re in North’s Node is there with Pluto and Venus or something like that you are gonna be like okay after X amount of what you almost feel like it’s like you know I I mean I just don’t have to clear that because it’s such a trauma imprint after a while it was things keep repeating that I don’t really know how you know unless miracle happens it’s really difficult to try it again and again and again okay so did you say like with planets conjunct the North node is that what you’re okay okay so my view on planets conjunct the North node is that you haven’t experienced that a bunch of life Pluto okay great pluto so pluto is the thing I view that we have to that’s most important for the person


to do to make life feel meaningful but any planet conjunct the North node says


all the families I’m born into in many lifetimes agreed not to show me healthy versions of it because I need to grow into it the North node is far away from my family and what they taught me so Plutonian strength the ability to look at something in the eye, the ability to face anger, process grief, like be


willing to hold space for these intense emotions so what that is probably what’s


probably happening is unconscious in the I’m doing this unconsciously right down


deep down there is a belief that part of you may say I’m powerless against this thing that keeps happening so it’s vibrating it keeps coming to you


so here’s my suggestion you look at what you okay you acknowledge what’s


happening I’m not saying ignore that but you also when you have a faith a chance to be objective modal more objective


Listen to the parts of you who are triggered and ask yourself:

  • what kind of person has to go through this?
  • who deserves this?
  • what do I deserve this?

go down a list of questions like that and you will hear yourself that voice in that’s always been in your head say oh people who were losers or whatever they say people who don’t deserve love whatever it is that is the content of the unconscious belief well I just think I just get angry that it keeps happening so I don’t need to so I don’t even want to try anyone just like done I


understand I understand you I believe me and yet if you want to


change it that’s how you can change it so it’s like this change it alone don’t


I need the other players to help change it I mean I need to know that well there what other players know like okay so


we’re all in this play together so like somebody does reaction and teach you


some way and then you react but it’s like let’s say the dust settles you’re saying we have to fix it we have to try


this opportunity but what if there even aren’t any more opportunities well that’s why you work with what you


believe it means that have happened so often or so many times I have no clue


what does it seem to mean about you that it kept happening I think I was just


reiterating maybe something that was missing when I was younger there you go so then you look at the the situation


from when you were younger and you say what does that kid believe what did I feel when I was younger what did it seem


to mean about me but I didn’t get love or didn’t get support or did get hurt whatever the deal is


and you listen to that kid because she will tell you and I promise you it’s a


manifestation experience your experience as a child her experience your experience is a manifestation of a multi life problem so


unconscious part vibrated you was a child into experiencing these things so


you don’t need to deal with that family member or those family members you don’t need to deal with those relationship


partners from over the years it’s enough you’re only about your perception about


why the things happened I mentioned earlier the girlfriend thing Pluto and Libra conjunct Venus in the


12th a puto in Libra conjunct Venus in the 12th yeah I’m going to experience


loss in relationship some of it’s no family members I don’t know how to grieve or my favorite cat when I was a


kid you know but it’s also gonna be periodically somebody saying to me I love you I can never talk to you again


just doesn’t serve anymore I have to leave you, or start projecting on me you’re terrible you ruined my life whatever right or a friend who just cuts me off now I have intense reactions to all of these things but my job stepping into the driver’s seat to try to understand these things from our bird’s-eye view and being more responsible about about understanding my unconscious vibrations are creating this okay let me ask myself in that pain what does it seem to mean that I got rejected what does this seem to mean about her about me about life about love whatever it is and I can write down and track what the beliefs are so you kind of reverse engineering what the problem is by letting the trigger part of you talk


does that make sense yes I think you said a magic thing like I’m reads like


taking up where I left off in another life perhaps and now it’s happening but like I can’t understand why this would


happen to a little girl all right look I mean I I just it happened whatever it is


it happened to a little girl because it happened to a person in some lifetime and that wound is is still there. Here’s the deal with Pluto crap just for everybody I mentioned this last month but it bears repeating every time


I come on here we often I would say many people I had one student called slash client over the


years who has said that I don’t think that happened to me but when we look at the chart and we discerned what is the


worst possible thing this photo represents what’s the worst idea were born fully formed vibrating pain for


many lifetimes so the little kid often hasn’t walked up to him or her the kid


can’t deal with it so in other words some of the worst-case Plutonian crap happens to us before were five or six years old sometimes infants so so it’s not that you do again take this teaching and strike it’s not that you deserved it unconsciously it’s an unresolved pain from many lifetimes so it manifested in front of you because here’s the deal I didn’t say


this in this presentation it’s not in the natural order of things for how our consciousness is and how we are wired to


have pain so things bubble up and then people walk up and say oh I’m gonna hurt you but they’re dovetailing into our karmic problem, like I said


whenever you get into anyone’s chart, like for you, it’s a whole universe of self understanding you’ve been working with you’re trying to get through you know it’s really complicated for each


person but it can the Karma the belief wrapped around the emotion can be


changed it might deal with rejection what do I think it means well I have to listen to that and then change my mind about that and then if it happens again this is the key point I get to not decide it means that same thing again so let’s say somebody dumps me and says you


know what I just can’t be friends with you I really just suddenly I hate you whatever it’s gonna hurt, not denying


that it would or should or nothing it shouldn’t but I can change my mind about what it means, that starts to change the Karma it doesn’t mean I’m a loser it doesn’t mean I’m a jerk it doesn’t mean


I’m not lovable it doesn’t mean I’m not attractive it doesn’t mean any of those things but those are the parts that will come forward and talk thank you we have


Carolyn with a question great Carolyn thank you yeah I’d like to say that a year ago I recovered some unconscious memories and I had cleared so much and I understand my part but I would just like to hear you talk about Pluto in the fourth square Mars in the seventh generally I think I’ve you know I’ve lived alone for three years now four years retired and um oh god I look old I am old we’re all aging together it’s all good come on yeah but it’s it’s such this last year has been such a gift of Revelation of admitting, admitting (owning) was the wrong word but my part in whatever this is that’s right released me I’m getting I’m 70 in October and my memory is getting better because I’m not using all this energy – why is this happening poor me victim me yes like what what is the the Pluto Mars squared thing particular seven yeah I’m smiling because in my advanced evolutionary astrology classes this has been coming up over and over again I put out a call for volunteer guinea pigs so I could do a reading for my students and have them listen right and then they can ask us questions it’s like a laboratory with Inge out of the seven people so far I think five or six had Mars Square poodle natal a different signs houses different generations different ages and now the one this week has Mars opposite Pluto. So this conversation about Mars Pluto stuff has been evolving so so

Pluto for me you know blew on the fourth what you have to do this most important is develop a foundation, create inner security for yourself, learn about belonging, which can involve not belonging or having to remove yourself.

that all that bit squares the Pluto for


me say I’m learning through tension about this other energy like when I do


my nesting thing I may draw, you will draw but I try not to be too


deterministic and fatalistic about it you will draw Mars people seventh house


types friends lovers spouses mates whatever who say to you “not that foundation” don’t do it that way or they say that’ll never make you safe here do


this instead but you’re trying to nest right and they’re pushing or pulling so


you and a bunch of lifetime’s are learning about saying yes and know through people who may be pushy now


that’s a nice way to say it because sometimes they’re going to be abusive that’s that’s what we’ve been getting into my advanced class because I’m telling my students assume the worst but when you’re working with a client don’t say that it has to have happen because


it can be arguments it can be just pressure and expectations from others


but that’s kind of how I see it is like you’re trying to nest and create this stability and you’re drawing fiery or


pushy or aggressive passive aggressive even you’re drawing those people to you from the souls point of view it is to


teach you how to say yes and no so you can trust yourself to create the foundation the way you need to because


if somebody says to you Karen when you’re doing it wrong you have the option of inquiring within, am i doing it wrong and then you get to develop more self trust and say actually I’m not doing it wrong thanks for your input I’m gonna do it this way and if somebody says I’m going to strong-arm you into doing it my way you


say next get out that’s what your soul wants you to learn but you and every


other human who might have marscorp you may be dealing with this whole cache of difficult memories when somebody said


you’re going to do it you have to or somebody grab your shoulders


literally physically right or somebody hurt you deeply physically and/or

emotionally psychologically sexually any of it this so people with – square Pluto


are dealing with some version of this where somebody comes up the the intense


person the person with anger is a lot of times Mars squaring us their anger they’re trying to control themselves


they don’t know how to control us we won’t be controlled conflict but but we’re dealing with when we have that


kind of signature we’re dealing with the painful memories the residues of abusive trauma so I say to you your soul wants


you to say yes and no but yet I want to acknowledge it’s a lot deeper than that


but we’d have to say yes and no but I understand the experiences can go much deeper that’s what I want to say I was I


was also told that for a lot of my life I was borderline psychotic and that


through Jason Hawley dealing with the Arcadian myth a year ago I that’s when


the memories came up that’s right repressing abuse make your nuts and I


was but I wasn’t ready until now that’s right if I would if the container wasn’t


strong enough the containers strong and the last few weeks have been getting downloads of such great happiness


yeah well that’s real – it’s just if we feel under you know under this pile of


boxes with a bunch of knives sticking out of the boxes and what I got you know and we’re trying to like manage this


weight of painful memory that we’re trying to repress or you know takes a tremendous amount of energy to keep


something out of conscious awareness I still learn from Steve Forrest the idea of a Pluto thing you get your power when


you face the pain you get your power back so that sounds like the groove that


you are currently in so good for you I’m happy to hear that thank you Tom I mean so much from you


great okay thank you okay final questions Tom did you want to go


to some example charts that you want well not charts just briefly certain


examples okay great let’s do that so we talked earlier Wanda was asking I


think it was wander about Pluto in the first house this idea of you know responsibility falls on my shoulders


especially in Virgo some of the karma is I can’t say no the beliefs maybe I can’t


say no right they need me or this job needs doing or the thing is broken of course I have to


do it and so that’s like one example where the belief is super strong who can


drive us now to contrast that a South node in the first house in Virgo let’s


just use the same the same symbol here you’re going to be conditioned in many lifetimes you can be born into family


systems that exhibit or model this energy this this importance of responsibility and independence and


maybe the importance of things falling you know on your shoulders are you taking responsibility for things being


duty bound or obligated to be a leader or something like that to be always that person who organizes things and stays


after to clean up that’s a Virgo problem sometimes so the


belief would be well yeah I mean everybody does that right you know it’s


a load is inverter on the first you’re going to assume the world is like that well people aren’t responsible aren’t


they and then you find out they’re not or they’re not always not the way you expect


Southland ruler in Virgo in the first regardless of where South are maybe you would take it as your job now with puto


its ups and downs puto it’s the weight the heaviness the because the Pluto or stakes with Pluto


regarding creation and destruction are so high you know it’s like could be the best thing ever if we do it and if it doesn’t work well


it could be the worst thing ever that’s what I mean the stakes are very high but the but the southland ruler is like I am


a Virgo first house person so I’m going to do the job I’m going to show up


so that’s just a little bit of contrast I want to give you some other ideas like like I’m I south and in the 10th house


and I found myself annoyingly was doing or carrying some boxes with my


girlfriend out in the heat and I was like annoyingly I was annoying myself worried that my hair wouldn’t look good


on this presentation Southland of the 10th house because I think the world is about appearances right um some other examples why don’t


why don’t you guys just feed me a couple of quick not your chart in the whole configuration but just like a random


example that you might be interested in for a minute give me just a couple okay how about Pluto and futility okay


well that could be for all putos I was thinking about houses or signs or something but but yeah the the futility


of Pluto because the stakes are very high and Pluto does involve survival issues


kind of like Darwinian processes you know of survival of the fittest and


survival issues we can have memories of many lifetimes attached to beliefs I


didn’t try like let’s say that somebody died of starvation and some life thousands of years ago which we all have


if you might believe there’s no point in trying


that would be kind of the futility idea also like to get more specific puto and Virgo I talked about the idea


of like not getting through to somebody you’re trying to help you know put on Leo nobody’s listening to you nobody can


hear your creativity or acknowledge you so you might give up and be free and feel futility in Libra and nobody’s


helping you you might give up so we have these memories of many lifetimes when


the worst happened with Pluto the absolute worst I have a whole teaching on creating meaning for ourselves and it


relates back to the philosopher Albert Camus and the existentialists and this


idea of like Sisyphus pushing the boulder up the hill he writes this essay called by the myth of Sisyphus and it’s


about how if whatever you’re doing if you put yourself into it you can create a sense of purposefulness and meaning in


us so there is a way out of that Pluto ploutonion futility but yeah we all potentially have that whatever our our


thing you know whatever our Pluto placements are and that we have to cycle through that which being cycling through


hopelessness and despair and meaninglessness but everything I promise


you everything can be healed yes but parts of you don’t know that and they disagree vehemently because they


don’t know how to deal with the pain that you’re feeling beautiful great this


has been so helpful thank you so much thank you for the opportunity Linda


thank you go to your next meeting would you all please thank everyone thank you




all right bye everybody thank you

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