Give Your Child a Head Start

One of the greatest head-starts for a young child is to be in a natural environment – to be able to run and stumble through the grasses and trees, and to learn from and be absorbed in the elements – water, earth, air, and fire.

Young children also have a natural affinity with animals, birds, insects, and all manner of creatures. An upbringing among such things is a great blessing for a child, and if they receive the frequencies of nature consistently in their first 7 years, they will develop a naturally strong and healthy constitution. Most important of all however is of course love. The young child knows love as a fish knows water. It is their home. A lack of love is like a lack of air for any young child, and there is no love like the love of a parent. The greatest gift any child can receive is to spend their first 7 years with loving parents.

Source: Gene Keys, The Venus Sequence

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